Ghost Mannequin

Some people call them ghost mannequin others invisible mannequins. Whichever term used the ambition is the same; the hollow man (or woman) effect with the least amount of post-processing possible. And get appealing apparel product photos so you can sell more products. Model photography is expensive and mannequins are distracting. We solve these issues by combining multiple images into one single image, making sure the focus on your products and nowhere else.

Ghost Mannequin Effects: This effect is realized by taking two separate images: one of the garment on the model and one of the inside of the garment. Invisible mannequin is used for upper garments – jackets, sweaters, vests, shirts, undershirts, etc. – but also for pants, dresses, and skirts. Invisible mannequin is often combined with processes such as De-creasing, Reshaping, Cleaning, Re-coloring, etc.